Acting Classes

Act II Class

Acting  I-Elementary School (grades k-5) drama programs is designed to teach students the basics of acting.  Every child will have lines to memorize. Casting based on talent & experience, not on reading ability.


Acting II-Middle School (grades 6-8) acting students given multiple performing opportunities to put into practice what they learned in rehearsal. Students are cast based on talent & not on color, ethnicity, race, height or size. All roles double cast in major productions.


Acting III-High School (grades 9-12) acting students will be trained in the fundamental skills of the theatre arts, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, pantomime, learning of lines, creation of character, projection of ideas and emotions and preparation and acting of scenes from plays. From productions ranging from "Willy Wonka" to "Shakespeare," our workshops are a non-competitive, complete performing experience for all and a wonderful way to introduce your children to the stage!

Weds 5:30pm-6:30pm


Registration is $25.00 per student

$40.00 for family of 2 or more


Tuition is $720 per class per year

A payment plan is available contact the main office at 914 613 7985

for more information.